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…about solutions, not machinery. We are not just another supplier. We want to be a partner that builds extremely strong relationships of trust with our customers. And we challenge our customers to think beyond their issue or request. Our extensive experience in many sectors often gives us an edge of knowledge. We like to share our knowhow with our customers. This intense cooperation results in solutions that exceed the customer’s expectations, within a realistic budget and no overkill.


... for the 4th industrial revolution. When you challenge your customers, you have to keep your innovative side sharp. The industrial internet is spreading extremely fast. We are passionate about all trends and technological evolutions. Our engineers are constantly triggered, by our company as well as by our customers, so this way they can satisfy their intellectual hunger. That urge for innovation in machinery and procedures – representing 5 to 10% of our turnover on an annual basis – distinguishes Matthys from competitive businesses.


… your language. An engineer, not a salesman, visits our customers. So we all speak the same language and we can think of solutions without any commercial pressure involved. The deal is secondary to the end result. In other words: if we make a promise, we live up to it. That’s what we call commitment. Co-engineering with our customer is an option and we even welcome it because he knows better what the machine’s functions should be.


…realistic. If we are not capable of building a machine that is more (cost)efficient than an available standard solution, we prefer to tell and refer the customer. Or we buy the standard solution and advise the customer on purchase and integration.  It wouldn’t be fair to unnecessarily increase the customer’s expenses just by reinventing the wheel.  Matthys isn’t the right place to go if you want a small machine that can be purchased or easily be built by the customer himself. But we are always happy to advise you on those matters.



…internationally, along with our customers. If the customer seeks a solution for its foreign establishments, we travel with him. So, we invest in processes that enable us to do so. Matthys Group grew and now belongs to the top 25 international challengers. Our service engineers travel worldwide. And they do so every day.

We produce…

… ‘Made in Belgium’. Top quality. A machine should do what it is supposed to do. It must be well-balanced when it comes to safety, use and user-friendliness. We proactively neutralize hazards. Which is much harder – but more efficient – than post-installation of a photocell on the line. Every single component is CE certified. Stricter local standards say it needs to be better? No problem, we take care of it.


…customized solutions. We fully control the production costs. Our processes, from concept and (eco)design, over purchase of raw materials to production, installation and after-care sales, are completely streamlined, integrated and, if relevant, fully automatic. Without compromising on flexibility. For our customers, that efficiency translates as ‘speed to market’, cost efficiency and high-end solutions.


…aftercare.. Our objective is that customers no longer need us after the machine’s installation. Therefore we use as many high-quality standard components as possible which can be easily bought worldwide and replaced by the customer if he wants to. Does he want our help after all? Our service engineers are ready to go!


…your investments. At any key moment in the manufacturing procedure, the customer can adjust his project by means of 3D simulations, FATs and beta tests. He can do so till and including the line’s test setup – max. 40 m long – in our production hall. Only then, we proceed to on-site installation and assembly, and the required operator’s training. Besides, our open technology platforms ensure integration of, and with existing and future solutions. We also have clear agreements on the protection of intellectual property.

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