Motiv (former Evilo and Van de Velde)

Thanks to our structure of various autonomous and highly specialized entities we can guarantee our flexibility and independence while vertical integration enables customers to choose between a comprehensive solution and specific modules. If wanted this can be done in co-engineering. A smart organizational structure based on advanced – and if relevant, fully automatic – processes  is only one example of how we create extra value for our customers. Permanent investment in R&D, powerful production tools and experienced talent are at least as valuable.

Motiv (former Evilo and Van de Velde)

motiv nv

Since July 1st 2018, Evilo has merged with Elektro Industrie Van de Velde ( into Motiv.

Evilo was founded in 1927 by Emiel Villays, living in Otegem, hence the name E(miel) VIL(lays) O(tegem).

During the 80s and 90s, Evilo was the first in the market to build a winder with automatic doffing, a contractwinder, a full automatic gluing machine and full automatic carpet confection lines.

In 2003, the company merged together into the Matthys Group and hasn't stopped growing since then.

Elektro Industrie Van de Velde was founded in 1974 by Michel Van de Velde. As of 1994, Michel’s son Christophe started running the business together with his father.

The activities of Van de Velde have strongly developed over the years towards mainly automation for businesses.

In 2018, Evilo and Elektro Industrie Van de Velde joined forces in order to strengthen their services in the field of automation and robotics. They now work together under the name Motiv nv.

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