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Full Automatic Geotextile Line

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The depicted out feed is one of our most elaborated and automated out feeds


  • fabric width: up to 6.5m
  • production speed: 50 m/min (currently)
  • roll diameters: Ø200-1200mm
  • winding cycle time: 30 s
  • packaging cycle time: 30 s

 The entire line consists out of 3 major parts:

  • Automatic out feed:

This part consists out of the accumulator(s), the longitudinal cutting unit, the winding unit and the evacuation unit.

It's designed for fast running lanes (50 m/min), producing short rolls (70-100 lm) and is equipped with automatic tube supply, doffing and winding cycle start.

The out feed is for lightweight geotextiles in particular from 70 gr/m2 up to 1500 gr/m2 with a high compaction of the rolls while winding.

And last but not least, it runs full-automatically.

  • Automatic packaging:

The Rolls are wrapped in sheets of PE film and then sealed with a thermic weld. The side of the rolls can either be closed by hand with a plug or automatically sealed with a ultrasonic cropweld or thermic flatseal (combinations are possible).

When PVC tubes are used, we can introduce the film on the side of the roll automatically in the core and weld the film onto the inside of the core.

  • Automatic bundling:

Rolls can be stacked into bundles and strapped automatically

Bundle specifications:

    • Width: min. 0.7 m - max. 2.4 m
    • Height: max. 1.5 m
    • Weight: max. 3.500 kg
    • Individual rolls: Ø 200 mm - Ø 800 mm/ max. 600 kg

The rolls that aren't stacked, are transported outside where they are ejected onto the floor.

All setup-parameters are stored in recipes. Upon loading a recipe, the entire out feed will adjust itself according to the stored parameters (dancing rollers, traction rollers, winding tension and speed variation, compacting roller variation, etc.). 

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