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The creels are designed and fabricated for compact packing and easy installation. Erection, packing and transportation costs are reduced to a minimum. This will substantially decrease the total investment cost.

To satisfy every quality and performance requirement, we have a full range of warping and beaming creels. A custom-made solution can be offered to every customer. To cover all the requirements, four basic models that are all extensible to meet the individual needs, have been developed.

The creels are designed and engineered to meet each requirement. As a result of the modular concept, the creel lay-out can easily be changed at a later stage. Your today's investment is guaranteed for changing requirements in the future. We also offer creels for direct beamers, knitting machines, weaving and tufting equipment.

High performance creels for economical production of top quality warpers

  • Fixed frame creel, CW-F type: This creel features a fixed steel construction with suspended tensioner frames. This design leaves the floor free for cleaning and offers excellent accessibility and handling. The fixed frame creels are very often used in pairs, servicing a traversing warper. One creel can be running while the other is being preloaded.
  • Truck creel, CW-T type: The packages are loaded on double-sided trucks that can be entered and taken out individually. The trucks have ball-bearing mounted wheels for effortless movement. During the creeling of the first set of trucks, the reserve set can be reloaded to shorten the lot changing times considerably and enhane the productiity of the warping equipment. The downtime is restricted to the time required to move the carriages in and out and to knot the yarns.

  • Magazine creel, CW-M type (inside or outside draw-off): A magazine creel allows continuous, non-stop, yarn take-off. There are two packages per end. Each package is fitted to an individual arm which can be rotated for easy loading and unloading.

  • Swivelling frame creel, CW-S type (inside or outside draw-off): The next set of packages to be run, can be loaded and prepared while the warper is running the previous set. When the running packages are empty, the package frames have a locating catch-handle for easy positioning. Swivelling frame creels are used to warp successive sets of equal length arn packages with a minimum stopping production. This creel is particularly suited for large packages of filament yarn

Tensioning units and stop-motion detection systems

A number of different tensioning units and stop-motion sensors can be installed on the Matthys-creels in order to over a large span of yarn types and counts.

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