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Our backing line in- and out-feeds are designed for fast running lines, producing short roll lengths. These line exits need to provide a high level of quality rolls, flexibility, reliability and automation in order to minimize manual interventions. Packaging-wise we integrate a continuous film screen packaging solution for optimal film consumption. Various automated storage and sorting solutions can be provided as add-on to these lines.


  • Inspection surface integrated next to the winder
  • Cut optimalisation thanks to the integrated fixed buffer
  • Automatic winding (face in/out) with winding tension control: can be used for very thin and sensitive fabrics as well
  • Integrated packer for automatic packing (low film consumption)
  • Roll closing and automatic sorting of the finished rolls

Backing line equipment such as can be supplied:

  • Backing line infeed machinery:
    • Unwinding cradles
    • Guiding frames
    • J-Boxes
  • Latex applicators
  • Secondary backing infeed systems
  • Accumulators
  • Cutting systems: longitudinal and transersal
  • Winding units:
    • Tangential and/or central driven
    • Semi- or full-automatic
    • Automatic core supply
  • Packaging systems for transport to warehouse and loading docks:
    • Elevator systems
    • Bundling and storage systems

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