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We deliver custom-made machinery for every requirement. The basic version of the M-Warp sectional warper covers as many application areas as possible. In addition, the equipment is capable of satisfying al specific customer requirements with appropriate options.

The unique forward beaming operation eliminates any friction on the yarn sheet. This results in an unsurpassed beam quality which is paricularly important when processing delicate yarns. Conventional beaming is also available whenever existing beam handling logistics should be retained.

Automatic yarn build-up

The yarn build-up is monitored from the start of the warping process. All the sections are made in exactly the same manner as for an absolutely uniform warp quality.
After entering the basic warp data in the operator terminal, the machine defines automatically the initial reed headstock feed. This feed is controlled by the electronic system in the first section and adapted to the yarn behaviour for a perfect warp build-up.

The feed pattern of the first section is memorised and reproduced in all following sections. This technology is unsurpassed as the feed sensors are contactless and do not require any measuring stop. The reed headstock movement is driven by a high precision servo motor with traction on a steel reinforced toothed belt, that is entirely maintenance-free.

Thus, an absolute cylindrical package is obtained when:

  • All the threads have exactly the same length
  • All the threads are wound under constant tension
  • The sections fit together with ultimate precision

Standard duo-motor beaming

To increase speed and beaming power, all M-Warp sectional warpers have two beaming motors, one at each side of the warp beam. This dual-drive technology has the addional advantage that torque in the beam barrel is eliminated. This increases substantially the lifetime of the used beams, especially when using large warping widths.


We provide many optional features on its warping machines for enhanced added value and to increase their productivity. You can adjust the performance of the M-Warp to the requirements of your facility.

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