Automation & Custom-made


We are able to develop and produce:

  • Your new robot system according to your specifications and requirements.
    This includes both the edge elements (conveyor belts, weld-steering, tables, etc.) as well as the tooling (grippers, welding guns, spray gun, etc).

    By means of a 3D simulation (off-line programming) of the design, we can:
    • Reduce the start-up time to a minimum
    • Guarantee/analyse your requested cycle time
    • The requested adjustments can be prepared and tested off-line so that the downtime of the system is reduced to an absolute minimum

  • We can also make changes to your existing robot installation. This varies from the integration to the replacing of any tooling device or edge element as well as the replacement of the old robot by a newer one.
    By auditing the robot area, we can create a 3D environment first, so that all the requested modifications can be tested off-line before implementing them.

Following possibilities can be offered:

- A stacking application
- Picking (with or without vision system)
- Welding (spot welding - laser welding - US welding)
- Spraying (paint, glue, etc.)
- Drilling
- Milling
- Stapling
- Abriding

Some of our recent realizations can be found in the photo gallery at the bottom of the page:

  1. Placing of cardboard on to a case (Fanuc Robot M710iC/50 - R30iA)
  2. Abriding application (Fanuc Robot - M10iA - R30iA)
  3. Stacking application (Fanuc Robot S420iF - RJ2 + S420FD - RJ)
  4. Paint spraying application (Fanuc Robot M20iA – R30iB)

We integrate both FANUC-robots and KUKA-robots. On your request, we can integrate other suppliers of robotics materials as well.


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